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Our Approach

Our approach to wedding photography is relaxed and observational. Weddings are a celebration and we encourage couples to be themselves and have fun- this enables us to capture the true essence of your connection. Equally as precious are the candid, spontaneous moments of laughter, tears and joyous expressions of love and tenderness of your guests. We document it all and deliver you an album that you can truly feel.

All editing is done in-house by us. Our signature style is warm, vivid tones- we prefer to keep it bright and highly coloured, guaranteeing that your images are going to look fabulous for years to come. Check out our gallery  page for a teaser of what you can expect to see.

When the soul finds love, it is eternal

The faces behind Twin Flames Photography are Solomon Wilks and Lily Smithers (and we're pretty much joined at the hip!). We live, work and spend the large majority of our free time together- as two hopeless romantics it's a dream come true.
When it comes to working together, Sol describes us as “two knives sharpening one another”, and I’d tend to agree, though I think the metaphor extends far beyond our professional relationship. Simply put, we’re better together.

About Us

Portrait of Solomon

Sol was born and bred in Newcastle, Australia. He has been freelancing as a photographer for the past decade, documenting everything from music festivals, nightclubs and corporate events all the way through to food menus, fashion and real estate. If you can imagine it, Sol has probably photographed it. 

In addition to TFP, Sol co-manages a collective of freelance photographers who do night life and event photography work in Newcastle and its surrounds - ( Despite having such a hectic schedule there isn’t a single venture, business or otherwise, that Sol doesn’t pour his whole entire heart and soul into. When it comes to photography he is a perfectionist, his passion shines through in his work in every single album that he delivers (of which there are thousands!)

Outside of work Sol loves, unsurprisingly, taking photos, watching films, spending time with his family, staring into space stressing about work (this absolutely must be included as it takes up a good third of his day, every day) and dancing- the boy loves to cut shapes, don’t be surprised if you catch him carving up the dancefloor at your wedding. 

Lily is originally a Sydney-sider but has been living in the Hunter for the past 15+ years. Since she was a child she showed a very keen interest in art and has always loved drawing and painting. Over the years she has done a number of commissioned pieces and continues to draw whenever inspiration hits.

Her passion for photography was reignited upon reuniting with Sol. Lily and Sol shot their first wedding together earlier in 2021 and Sol was very impressed by how comfortable Lily was behind the camera, later remarking “You could have done that all on your own”. Under Sol’s guidance and tutelage she has been able to expand her skillset in photography, videography and all things post production.
As much as Lily loves her work, she also enjoys music, cooking, animals, snacking, exploring new places and bothering Sol every opportunity she gets.


Lily will be the second shooter for all weddings booked through TFP.

Portrait of Lily

Core Values

As two progressive individuals deeply invested in the betterment of society and the world at large, it is important to us that we maintain a strong ethical code both personally and professionally. 

We are:

  • LGBTQ+ friendly and pro marriage equality 

  • Anti-discrimination on the basis of race, gender & sexual orientation

  • Environmentally conscious and sustainability focused 

  • Dedicated to creating a business that is centred around respect, accountability, fairness and integrity. 

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